The table below provides a quick reference to allow individuals to determine if they are immediately financially eligible for long term care benefits under the Arizona. IMPORTANT, not meeting all the financial criteria below does not mean one is not or cannot become eligible. We can help you to plan to meet financial criteria and save significant assets.

For 2020, the following are the income and resource limits for ALTCS eligibility:




Single Applicant $2,349.00 * $2,000.00
Married Applicant $2,349.00 paid to applicant only, or $4,698.00 combined spousal income* The non-applicant spouse (i.e., the community spouse) may keep ½ the total countable assets owned by both spouses as of the first month in which the applicant spouse meets medical eligibility criteria, which may not exceed $128,640.00 and will be no lower than $25,728.00, plus an additional $2,000.00.
  *Income Only Trust may be used in certain circumstances to qualify applicants whose incomes exceed this amount. All applicants may keep certain non-countable assets in addition to the above described countable resources. Non-countable assets are generally a primary residence (ALTCS member’s interest limited to $585,000.00), vehicle, certain burial plots/plans, personal goods and household effect, and certain small life insurance policies.

If you are interested in learning how you can protect assets and use ALTCS benefits to pay for long-term care, or thinking of applying for ALTCS benefits CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION WITH ONE OF OUR ATTORNEYS TODAY!