The Veterans Administration has released the 2020 maximum benefit amounts qualified Veterans and Surviving Spouses of Veterans may be eligible for if they are in need of the aid and attendance of another and meet certain net income and asset limits.


2020 Net Worth Limit


Net worth limits for a claimant and their spouse or other dependents has increased to $129,094.00 in 2020.  Net worth is the value of the countable assets of the Veteran and his or her spouse and dependents, plus the annual net income.  Net annual income is the equivalent of the claimant’s, their spouse’s and dependent’s gross annual income, less all applicable deductible medical expenses.  The net worth limit is the same for both married and single claimants.

The table below provides a quick reference for the 2020 Maximum Monthly Benefit Amounts:


2 Veterans/Spouses $3,032 per month $36,387 annually
Married Veteran $2,266 per month $27,195 annually
Single Veteran $1,911 per month $22,939 annually
Surviving Spouse $1,230 per month $14,761 annually