The ALTCS program provides long term care services, such as home care, assisted living, memory care or and skilled nursing, for seniors and physically disabled persons.  To qualify, persons must meet medical, income and resource criteria. The following is a quick reference guide to the 2021 ALTCS income and resource limits:


Single applicant $2,383.00/month

Married applicant $2,383.00/month, or both spouses combined $4,766.00/month

Note, for applicants whose gross income exceeds the limits above, an Income Only Trust may be used to meet income eligibility criteria.


Single applicant $2,000.00

Married applicant Community Spouse Resource limits*:

Minimum Resource Standard    $26,076.00

Maximum Resource Standard $130,380.00

*AHCCCS/ALTCS will determine how much the community spouse may have in countable resources on a case-by-case basis.

Home Equity Limit $603,000.00

In addition to the allowed countable resources, applicants and their spouses may also have certain exempt or non-countable assets, such as home, vehicle, household goods and personal property, certain burial accounts or plans or plots, Medicaid compliant annuity, or Special Needs Trusts for disabled persons under age 65.

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