On January 19, 2016 a Death with Dignity bill granting terminally ill patients the right to take their own lives with prescription life-ending drugs was introduced. The measure by Sen. Barbara McGuire (D) says patients with an incurable disease and six months left to live can request medication to end their lives under the care of a physician. The measure specifies patients must provide oral and written confirmation of their decision. It also makes it a felony to tamper with, forge, or destroy evidence relating to a patient’s decision or to coerce or exert undue influence on a patient to request life-ending medication.  Doctors in California, Oregon, Washington, Vermont and Montana are already prescribing life-ending drugs. California Gov. Jerry Brown was the latest governor to sign a “right-to-die” proposal into law in October. A recent Rocky Mountain Poll found 58 percent of Arizona residents favor right-to-die legislation, and a Behavioral Research Center found that 56 percent of Arizonans support physician-assisted dying legislation. This is not the first time the Arizona state legislature has considered this issue; failed Death with Dignity measures were introduced in 2003 and 2006. Senate Bill 1136 is likely to face several hurdles on its way to becoming law. Republicans who control the Legislature are unlikely to back the measure, and Gov. Doug Ducey opposes physician-assisted suicide. To see a complete copy of the proposed legislation go to www.azleg.gov/legtext/52leg/2r/bills/sb1136p.pdf