Believe it or not, the majority of applications submitted to ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care System), (approximately 70%) are denied.  In fact, a majority of our ALTCS clients either previously had their applications denied or were simply overwhelmed with the process.  You or your loved one do not have to become part of that statistic, not knowing where else to turn.  The ALTCS Eligibility Specialists are not always helpful—if someone sought tax advice, most people would consult with an accountant, rather than the customer service representatives at the IRS.  The same applies to ALTCS benefits—with proper advice and planning from experienced, independent legal professionals, many ALTCS application denials can be avoided.

The most common reasons we see for denial of ALTCS benefits are:

  1. The applicant does not meet the ALTCS medical eligibility criteria.
  2. The applicant’s income exceeds the ALTCS income limits.
  3. The applicant’s resources (assets) exceed the ALTCS resource limits.
  4. The applicant made transfers/gifts that will delay his/her coverage.
  5. The applicant owns a home held in a revocable trust.
  6. The applicant did not timely respond to requests from ALTCS.


Our experienced, caring, and dedicated professionals have helped hundreds of applicants find solutions to these problems, enabling the applicants to become eligible for ALTCS coverage sooner.  In most cases, asset protection is an option.  In all cases, we work to achieve the best quality of care whether at home, assisted living, or skilled nursing to meet our client’s needs with the assistance of ALTCS. We are not only here to help our client to prudently plan for ALTCS, but we can also assist them with the complex and often frustrating application process and actually work directly with ALTCS for them.  If you or your loved one is facing the high cost of long term care, we strongly recommend you meet with us, at the very least to discuss your options.

-Charlotte Johnson