elder abuseIn 2015, there was an all-time high caseload of reports of alleged mistreated vulnerable adults according to the Adult Protective Services annual report, which was a 19% increase from 2014.  Under Arizona state law, a vulnerable adult is someone at least 18 years of age or older and who is unable to protect themselves because of either physical or mental impairment.  APS is the state agency responsible for investigating all cases of alleged abuse or neglect of vulnerable adults. In 2015, there were 9,408 cases that involved reports of neglect , including self-neglect,  over 4,000 cases involving financial exploitation,  and another 3,661 involving physical abuse.  In 2015, 72% of APS clients were over 60 years of age.  Sadly, in Arizona, between 4,600 and 6,900 seniors will experience some type of abuse each year, according to a report by the Arizona Elder Abuse Coalition.

For a good analysis of the APS report, go cronkitenews.azpbs.org/2016/03/02/abuse-of-arizona-s-elderly-increases-as-aging-population-grows/

To report Elder Abuse, contact Adult Protective Services at (877) 767-2385 or File an online report at des.az.gov/services/aging-and-adult/adult-protective-services/file-aps-report-online