A pre-need funeral, burial, or cremation plan is a way for you to plan for, arrange, and pay for everything associated with your funeral, burial or cremation during your lifetime. Funeral homes and mortuaries sell these arrangements, depending upon the wishes of you and your family. Pre-planning allows you to pay and contract for all desired goods and services, including the following: casket or cremation, funeral service, headstone or marker, obituary, and more.   

Having these advanced arrangements can help avoid family conflict by:

  1. Taking the decision-making away from the family (when high emotions run)
  2. Prepaying and setting a budget for services
  3. Giving peace of mind to family knowing your wishes were honored

We strongly recommend communication with your loved ones to ensure that your wishes are followed and to reduce unnecessary stress.  Doing research for end-of-life arrangements, and then communicating the structure, helps everyone involved. Note, when qualifying for Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) benefits an irrevocable pre-need burial plan as well as burial plots are exempt assets.

If you do purchase a pre-need funeral, burial or cremation plan be sure to put a copy of the contract, deed, burial insurance policy and any other arrangement paperwork with your estate planning documents and let your Successor Trustee, Personal Representative and Agent under Health Care Power of Attorney know where to find the paperwork at time of need; these arrangements are an integral part of your estate plan.  To be certain your estate plan is up to date, please call our office to schedule a complimentary estate planning consultation. Call today 480-922-1010 or email info@bivenslaw.com.