“In sickness and in health” is a common marriage vow that couples make to each other during the wedding ceremony.  But what really happens when the first half of this vow occurs and your spouse now needs long term care and help with their activities of daily living?  Being a caregiver spouse can be a loving devotional act that brings a couple even closer but being a caregiver spouse can also be physically and emotionally demanding. How do you know when you, as the caregiver spouse, needs help? 

It is time to consider more help if any of the following is happening:   

  1. Caregiving is creating animosity between the ill spouse and the caregiver spouse,
  2. Physical demands are too much for the caregiver spouse to handle,
  3. Emotional demands are too much for the caregiver spouse to handle,
  4. Clinical needs of the ill spouse are beyond what the caregiver spouse can provide. 

Where do you start? Home health, assisted living, adult care home, memory care, and skilled nursing are some of the options available to persons who need help with activities of daily living. If you don’t know where to start a conversation with an elder law attorney can be very enlightening. We have many community partners that help with care management, home care, placement, and can direct you to the right resources. 

What if you are not sure you can afford more help? Elder law attorneys work with clients every day to determine whether public benefits (Medicaid/ALTCS and/or VA Aid & Attendance Pension benefits) can help and if so, how you can preserve your assets and also qualify for these programs. 

Will you be able to direct your ill spouse’s care needs or handle their financial matters if they could not? In addition to long term care planning, elder law attorneys also handle estate planning. We can put the legal documents in place to be sure you will be able to be your spouse’s medical advocate and handle their financial matters, if ever needed. If guardianship or conservatorship were required for these purposes, we also stand ready to assist. 

If your spouse is ill and needs care it may be time to call our team at Bivens & Associates to get a game plan in place for the future so you can achieve the best personal and financial outcomes. Call 480-922-1010 or email info@bivenslaw.com to schedule your consultation. We are happy to offer sound advice that could save your family from heartache.