We provide elder law and estate planning services!Estate Planning with an elder law attorney is different. We not only plan for the client’s passing, but for the many years or decades prior. We are also concerned about matters that affect your lifestyle, your comfort in retirement, your medical and long term care needs, financial security and preservation of your assets, your future, and the future of your family. We are fully versed on government benefits for seniors, such as Social Security, Medicare, Veterans Aid & Attendance, Medicaid, and Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS). We frequently work with physicians, social workers, care managers, placement professionals, as well as financial professionals and others to help provide solutions, legal or otherwise, to our senior clients and their families. If you are ever unable to make your own medical decisions or handle your own financial matters due to later physical disability and/or cognitive disorder, we ensure the right legal documents will be in effect to allow those you designate and trust to assist. We also make sure you have the proper documents in place to honor your end-of-life wishes. While there are many Estate Planning attorneys out there, there are few attorneys that handle both Estate Planning and Elder Law. The combination provides you with access to tremendous information with which you can plan for the future and also rely on in a crisis. We have often referred to Elder Law as Estate Planning “with a twist”.

We also routinely counsel and advise clients who are acting as agents under a Financial Power of Attorney or as Trustee of a Trust for the benefit of a senior family member who now lacks capacity to manage assets for himself or herself. Agents and Trustees have fiduciary duties and obligations which, if not met, can result in personal liability. We are here to be sure the Agent or Trustee client understands his or her role, and to provide the resources necessary for them to successfully perform their duties. We also represent Personal Representatives and Trustees who are administering the Probate or Trust Estate after the death of a loved one.

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