October is SPECIAL NEEDS LAW MONTH.  All month long we will be sharing law tips, information, and resources for persons with disabilities or special needs and their families.

Special Needs planning is different than Estate Planning. Estate planning is incredibly important for all parents. But determining who will take care of your disabled child (minor or adult), what funds will be set aside for them, who will manage their inheritance and how to structure the inheritance so they don’t lose vital government benefits makes special needs planning even more complex and important.

I have over 25 years experience as a special needs planning attorney and have seen great outcomes when a family has the right information and plans properly and sadly, also what happens when families do not know how to properly plan for their special needs loved one.

Our blogs this month will cover many topics like:

✔️Special Needs Trusts (1st and 3rd party types)

✔️ABLE accounts


✔️Public benefits

✔️Use of care managers, fiduciaries, trustees

✔️How to leave an inheritance that won’t cause the disabled heir to lose government benefits


Please Share our content and Follow along all month as we give real, accurate, and practical law tips on special needs planning.

Our blog content is only general in nature and not intended to provide special legal advice, nor does this constitute an attorney-client relationship. Call our office at 480-922-1010 today to schedule your consultation. Don’t leave things to chance- plan ahead to be sure your special needs or disabled child will be best provided for personally and financially in the event something happens to you or other family members.

  • Stephanie A. Bivens, Esq. CELA