The Best Thing I Have Ever Done!

I just want to thank everyone at Bivens Law Firm for your outstanding service this past year.
I have never employed the services of a law firm before, but employing your services this past year is by far, the best thing I have ever done!

My husband was at Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona in April of 2012 and I was advised by the social worker at Mayo to seek advice from an elder law attorney as my husband and I did not have a living will, power of attorney or any of the other legal contracts that need to be in place to protect our assets. Long term care was a possibility for my husband due to his physical and mental condition when he left Mayo clinic. Every law firm that I spoke with about my situation suggested Stephanie Bivens at Bivens & Associates.

The firm has truly been life savers for me at a time when life was too much for me. Your knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the law pertaining to what I needed have been the biggest blessing ever! What I have received mentally, emotionally, and financially, has far outweighed the dollar amount charged for your services.

Thank you once again.

Eileen L