We highly recommend Bivens & Associates

Last fall you referred us to Bivens & Associates for help on qualifying “B” for ALTCS. At that time we were seeking financial assistance for an in-home caregiver. Sadly “B” had to go to assisted living …We contacted Bivens to start the process which is far more complicated and confused and full of pitfalls than I could handle.  ALTCS entered some inaccurate data initially and this cost at least 3 months to straighten out. “B” was financially assessed and then medically qualified. No problem in either area. Then we were able to “shelter” a substantial amount of cash assets through the use of an annuity as well as keep $115k for the Community Spouse.  As of 7/22/13 ALTCS will be paying for the assisted living (and for SNF down the road if needed). The savings to us is very significant to say the least:  we were paying $198.xx a day for care-a major benefit in addition to keeping assets way in excess of $2,000.

Bottom line: We highly recommend Bivens & Associates for clients seeking to quality for ALTCS and protect their assets.